A gallery of cool stuff I’ve worked on



An implementation of the functional ANOVA test for activity data. Based on the methodology described in the paper Nonparametric comparisons of activity profiles from wearable device data by Hsin-wen Chang and Professor Ian McKeague.

DSCovR Dashboard

A Shiny app that visualizes state-level demographic information about COVID-19 infections in the USA. Project was inspired by the fact that race-based inequalities in COVID-19 deaths and hospitalizations were starting to come to light, but the data was not yet easily available. In response to this, our team set out to web scrape each state’s reported data and compile it on this app.


Watch Your Tone

Small Shiny app that allows a user to pull up a particular pinyin-tone combination in Mandarin. I made this because I had a hard time telling between the different tones and needed something that could act as an easy reference.