Hello! My name is Christian Pascual. I’m a second-year Master’s student in Biostatistics at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health. Prior to Columbia, I was at UC Davis for Biomedical Engineering and worked as an analyst under Dr. Christopher Polage for his work with C. difficile control at the UC Davis Medical Center.

I’m interested in wearable technologies and the development of analytical techniques that expand their use in improving human health. Out of the class, I like taking on personal projects and losing at board games with friends.

Featured Projects

Project Name Description
Predicting Hurricane Trajectory Using the Metropolis Algorithm to predict the path of hurricanes
Improving Confidence Intervals with Bootstrap Smoothing Examining which proteins are significant to predicting Down syndrome in mice
Implementing Logistic-LASSO for Predicting Breast Cancer Using coordinate-wise optimization to recreate the logistic LASSO function in glmnet
Checking Activity Changes with Accerlerometer Data Crunching minute-scale accelerometer data to look for increases in activity in a stroke patient

I have a running list of my other projects here as well. If interested, you can also have a peek at my resume.


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